Dear fellow photographers:

My name is Diego Piuma and I’ve been a photographer for more than 20 years.
Like you, I’ve been looking for the best way to tell stories through images. The question is, can one image really show everything that is happening that precise moment?

From my experience, the image makes me remember that specific time but doesn’t tell me all, not the voices, the laughter, the expressions or the actions.
Reflecting upon the fact that we are responsible for materializing the best moments of people´s lives, I started working on this project.

I've created a product for us, storytellers, where we can save those stories in images, the language we know how to use best, even better than words, 'the universal language'.
With this app we can bring images to life.

I truly hope you can use it and give an added value to your work and to your clients. It isn't an app thought for software engineers, it isn't augmented reality, it isn't a game. It’s Frame Alive.
Just by placing the camera of your mobile device on the printed image, it comes to life. First you need to print the first frame or the best frame of a video and upload it to:
Frame Alive provides magic to your images and direct access to your saved videos from a printed image. It recognizes any kind of printed size and material.
You can link videos to pieces of work you have done and surprise your clients. By using Frame Alive you can film an event, choose the best frame and then print it and link it to the video. Please try it and share with me your feedback and the experience with your clients.