How does Frame Alive work?

You just need to upload a video, select a frame and print it

Every time you place the camera of your mobile device on a printed photo, a video linked to Frame Alive will reproduce.

Can I watch my uploaded videos?
Of course! Directly from the app, from the web in “My videos” or facing your mobile device camera to the printed picture.

How many time is it available online?
As many times as you want! Until you delete it.

How many videos can I upload?
You can upload up to 3 free videos per year. Then, you can pay to add more videos.

What is the maximum length and size for the video I want to upload?
Your videos can have a maximum size of 20Mb or 30 seconds long.

Where can I print my pictures?
Wherever you want! You can do it with at a photo lab or with your printing device at home.

Do other people have access to my videos?
Yes, whoever places their mobile device camera facing a picture/ an impression and scan it with FramAlive will have access to the videos.

Can I watch a video 1000 times?
1000 is the maximum reproductions allowed per month. Should you need more, ask for a corporate plan.

How can I erase a video I uploaded?
You can delete it from the app or from the website, in “My videos”.

Do my videos use memory from my device?
Yes. Once you reproduce a video, it is hosted in your device in a compressed form (5-10 mb) for a faster/higher quality reproduction.